Refined matchday sponsorship options unveiled

Berwick Rangers are pleased to confirm a number of changes to its matchday sponsorship packages as the club looks to maximise the value it offers sponsors while optimising revenue from matchdays in the absence of fan attendance.

Amongst the most notable changes are reduced rates across all three packages: match sponsor, man of the match sponsor and ball sponsor. There are also revised benefits packages for all three as the club looks to maximise exposure for those who support the club.

With the lack of fan attendance as the season gets underway, the club is keen to find ways to make up the enforced shortfall, and sees sponsorship as one of a few means to do this.

It goes without saying that all support would be greatly appreciated and the club will strive to ensure you receive great value for your money.

Match Sponsorship

Reduced to just £200 (plus VAT), the club’s new renewed match sponsorship package offers the most extensive exposure of our three available options.

In addition to featuring in dedicated social media posts thanking yourself or your brand, match sponsors will also receive free access to the live match stream and receive a copy of the digital match programme, in which they’ll find a feature on themselves.

Elsewhere, our match sponsor will feature on social media matchday graphics and reach the inboxes of ‘Gers fans via a matchday email delivering line-ups and thanking you for your sponsorship, as well as in automated stream purchase emails that are delivered to all supporters who purchase access to our live video offering.

Your sponsorship will also have a lasting impact as you’ll also feature in our highlights package, hosted via OfficialBRFC on YouTube. Finally, you’ll also be entered into a raffle draw to win a signed Berwick Rangers home shirt at the end of the 20/21 campaign.


The club is delighted to have already confirmed match sponsors for its first four fixtures of the new campaign, as well as our February 2021 tie with Cumbernauld Colts, and hopes the new rate and package will help to find sponsors for all 12 remaining home league matches.

Interested parties can view all fixtures, with any home game from 14th November (East Stirlingshire) other than the Cumbernauld clash currently available.

To make an enquiry about match sponsorships, please contact Craig Forsyth on

Man of the Match Sponsorship

Lowered to a price of just £100 (plus VAT), Man of the Match sponsorship offers you a fantastic opportunity to gain great exposure and play a part in the matchday experience for great value.

Man of the Match sponsors will be included in the club’s dedicated pre-matchday social media posts thanking sponsors, and will also be featured in emails to supporters on a matchday – one to our entire audience and another to all who purchase access to our live stream.

Included in the package is access to the club’s live streaming service on the day, as well as a digital match programme in which you’ll be featured.

While watching the stream, you’ll be asked to contact a member of the club’s media team and select your Man of the Match during the game, which will be announced via social media posts again featuring your brand or name(s).

A video interview will be recorded with your chosen Man of the Match post-game, and will be edited to include your sponsorship before being uploaded to YouTube – where you’ll also receive a mention in our match highlights video.

Along with all other 20/21 campaign matchday sponsors, you’ll also receive an entry to a raffle to win a signed Berwick Rangers home shirt.


The club currently has availability for 16 of our 17 home league matches starting this Saturday, and are keen to begin filling vacant slots. Only our March 27th 2021 fixture against BSC Glasgow is currently taken, booked by Colin Beveridge.

To discuss a Man of the Match sponsorship, please contact Craig Forsyth on

Ball Sponsorship

Also reduced to £100 (plus VAT) is our match ball sponsorship package, providing another great value opportunity to gain exposure for your brand and reach the club’s audience at a low price.

As standard with our other packages, the ball sponsor will be provided with exposure via dedicated pre-matchday social media posts featuring yourself or your brand, and will be provided with access to our live match stream along with a digital copy of the programme – in which you’ll feature.

Your name or brand will also be prominent in matchday emails both to our entire audience and those who purchase streaming access, as well as overlayed onto a post-match photo of ‘Gers goalscorers on the day.

Finally, your brand will also feature in match highlights uploaded to the club’s YouTube channel, ensuring lasting exposure for your support.


Like our Man of the Match sponsorship package, the club currently has availability for all 17 home league matches when it comes to ball sponsorships.

To enquire about becoming a match ball sponsor, please contact Craig Forsyth on