Post AGM Club Update

As we head into February and with football still on pause, the club wishes provide an update on its health, progress and ambition.

Last Thursday (January 28), the club held its 68th Annual General Meeting. The tone was one of progress, positivity, yet caution and the need for consistent support to help guide the club through what continues to be an uncertain time.


The Board of Directors have now been in place for a year at this point. Their first objective was to secure the financial stability of the club. Accounts for 2020 show a profit of £1,489 – a figure breaks many years of loss-making. 

Whilst this is absolutely positive news, it is important that these figures are presented in some context to raise awareness that there are still many challenges ahead.

When the Board assumed their roles a significant loss was forecast, which would’ve placed the club perilously close to being ‘in the red’. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic came along, placing many businesses of all sizes into difficulty across the globe. 

In the midst of all this, you – our loyal fans – played a monumental role in supporting the club through short-term fundraising initiatives such as the 1881 Fund and Donate a Ticket and, for that, the Board of Directors are truly grateful. In excess of £20,000 was raised through these initiatives and that, combined with some COVID-19 related assistance from the Government, have been major factors in the club posting a profit.

What’s next?:

In spite of the progress made so far, as you’ll note by the date of the club accounts (June 2019 to May 2020), the effects of COVID-19 on the Football Club will be felt more significantly during the financial year we’re in currently (June 2020 to May 2021). 

In this period so far, we have been unable to host fans on matchdays – both through the turnstiles and in hospitality; two key revenue streams for the club. 

While some matchday revenue has been collected through streaming, other online store matchday purchases and sponsorships, income from matchdays understandably remains significantly lower than during ‘normal’ times.

We very much hope this will begin to change over the next few months but, as you can imagine, the uncertainty remains and makes it very difficult to predict matchday income and general revenue, which in turn impacts what the management team have at their disposal to build a squad. 

Furthermore, the enforced pause in the season has essentially created a stop to much of the matchday income we have been able to generate.

A request to our supporters:

One saving grace during the period in which the club has endured reduced and a pause to matchday revenue has been the monthly revenue generated by members of Club 1881. 

Providing the club with stability through reliable income all while rewarding fans for their loyalty, Club 1881 acts as a mutually beneficial option for the club and fans, helping the club to plan more effectively and allow fans to play a direct role in the success, growth and safety of the club.

On that note, the club would like to issue a direct call to action to its supporters to join Club 1881, which will help us navigate both the current difficult situation as well as work towards a brighter future. 

In joining Club 1881, you will be helping to safeguard Berwick Rangers Football Club and enable the plans we want to put in place to continue restoring pride to your club. 

Join Club 1881 today.


In addition to well laying the groundwork for financial stability, the club has progressed and developed hugely, across a number of different aspects, including:


Whilst it’s understood there is still room for improvement, the club’s recruitment through the off-season was a process which resulted in a stronger squad being built for the year ahead. Moving into next season, we would like to avoid such a huge turnover. However, the volume and general quality of the recruitment demonstrated progress and gives the club a base to build from.

The club has also established its performance analysis function, consisting of no less than five people. This team provides insight into our squad’s performance, as well as providing the management team with scouting reports for upcoming opposition. Elsewhere, the team are also currently planning an exciting new project which could help further boost the club’s recruitment. 


Due to Covid-19, the club had to move to being a digital club almost overnight. With the help of the media team, the club now brings matchday to you in your homes, and for many even puts Berwick Rangers on your TV! 

There is the streaming of games, bond scheme and half-time draws delivered online, a new online store and most recently, a new website. The digital efforts of the club continue to progress and when fans are back, the digital and physical mediums will combine to give you the matchday experience which works best for you. Further development is currently underway to expand the digital benefits of being a Club 1881 member, with a private area of our official site under construction. 

The last year has also seen the introduction of the Let It BRFC podcast, which kept everyone entertained at a time we had no football and now continues to provide stories and insight into life at the club.

COVID-19 Management:

The club has put the welfare of the club’s employees and volunteers front and centre over the last year. We have implemented COVID-19 regulations to the highest standard.


The club are, as ever, proud of the continued partnerships with local and national sponsors. We welcomed Thrive to the front of the shirt, facilitated thanks to the generosity of Michael Guthrie in moving to the back of the shirt for this season, allowing the club to raise funds for a new front of shirt sponsor. 

Elsewhere, we continued our partnership with long time supporter Ideal Carpets and attracted an international drinks company Exstase to the club. This, in addition to all of our ground, website and matchday sponsors, is a portfolio which continues to grow.

Club 1881 was also launched and continues to assist the club in transforming its cashflow throughout a year – originally designed partly to help address the income gap during the off-season and now unintentionally doing exactly that during the season itself. 

For just £18.81 per month, members become part of an exclusive community of Dream Team supporters who are helping to make their club a more sustainable entity. Club 1881 members are rewarded for their invaluable support with an abundance of exclusive content and benefits and feedback from members has been wholly positive.


Work continues to improve the facility and maximise the asset of Shielfield Park. With the help of some dedicated fans, the club ran ‘Ducket Days’, having a handy team of volunteers give the ground some love and care ahead of the start of the season. 

The club engaged in a number of readiness activities, which made the stadium safe for use after a prolonged time being idle. There has also been work to focus on utility and insurance spend all focused on getting the best value for the club

In Conclusion:

The club and its Board of Directors would like to collectively thank its fans and sponsors for their considerable, invaluable and continued support throughout the past year in particular.

As opposed to launching more ‘one-off’ attempts at generating revenue, the club has this year agreed it best to focus on pushing initiatives that reward supporters with something in return for their support – which includes Club 1881 memberships, recognising the potential they have in transforming the club, as well as acknowledging the positive impact it has already had in helping us to navigate what many would consider to be a crisis period. 

For that reason, the club would like to finish by once again appealing to fans to demonstrate their support by playing a direct role in the club’s continued transformation – and for a monthly payment that equates to less than admission to two home fixtures per month!

Join Club 1881 today.