Volunteers Wanted

Berwick Rangers FC are looking for the help of its fanbase for the new season.

The club have built an impressive digital presence over recent years and this work has attracted sponsors such as Newcastle International Airport, who are the club’s official digital partner, sponsoring our website and social media platforms.

In addition to this, improved digital presence has resulted in new sponsorships from the likes of LionsHome and Ladbrokes, adding a key revenue stream for the club.

In recent months our web presence has declined for a number of reasons, though most notably the unavailability of our main web administrator, who is now stepping down from his role.

On the advice of the said volunteer, the club are now looking for a group of around 2-4 volunteers to take on the upkeep of the website and uphold the same standards that have attracted such great partners to the club and inform fans so well.

Responsibilities will include writing news items, match previews, conducting player interviews, as well as updating more static content such as managing website player profiles, league tables, adding and updating fixtures and results, and monitoring other static pages such as the officials and statistic pages to keep these up-to-date.

The club currently utilise a WordPress content mangement syste, but are also open to moving to a new CMS should volunteers feel they’d more comfortable to this, though this will require prior discussion. Fans will no doubt be aware that we have had issues with the site over the past season and

Elsewhere, the club would like to resurrect our popular newsletter, for which we use Mailchimp. We will also require a manager for our online store, which is another key revenue stream for the club. We currently utilise Tictail as our online retail platform.

Because of the quantity of tasks, the club would ideally like to enlist the help of numerous volunteers as opposed to burdening one person. This will help to share the load and also ensure things are done in a swift manner.

If you’d be interested in helping out or would like to found out more, please contact club@berwickrangers.com.

Even if you aren’t interested, you can help us find our volunteers by liking & sharing this post on Facebook and Retweeting on Twitter. Your help would be very much appreciated!