Rae agrees Ambassador role

The club is delighted to announce and welcome international football commentator Derek Rae as an Official Ambassador of Berwick Rangers Football Club.

Associate Director Nathan Thompson initially got in touch with Rae on an ‘in’ from a former colleague, though the renowned commentator also generously offered his assistance to Scottish sides via Twitter last week.

The club were quick to take up the Scotsman’s offer, initially seeking his assistance in promoting the club through audio.

During early discussions, Derek also mentioned that prior to the club making contact, he had recently been informed of the club’s new direction by a close friend based in the United States though originally from Eyemouth.

A quick turnaround helped the ‘Gers to launch their new commercial brochure for season 2020/21 with a bang, with the voice of video game FIFA 20 promoting the club’s main shirt sponsorship raffle in the catalogue launch video.


Additionally, Derek would go above and beyond, recording a host of other audio content in his own time for the club.

Fans may also recognise Rae’s voice from World Cup, European Championship, Champions League, Europa League, Premier League, Scottish Premiership, Bundesliga and MLS coverage; with broadcasters such as Prime Video, Bundesliga International, NBC, ESPN, Fox and more.

When it became apparent during subsequent discussions that Derek would be interested in joining the club in some capacity, the club were quick to discuss and agree a role.

It goes without saying that as a professional with a wealth of experience working in the game across the globe, the club is delighted to welcome Derek and proud to have the Aberdeen-born 53 year-old on side as an ambassador of the club.

On joining the club, Rae shared:

“I’m a huge believer that football is at its best when the focus is on communities.

“Berwick Rangers have been an unmistakeable part of sporting life in the Borders as long as I’ve followed football.

“My friend Keith Donaldson, who also lives here in Massachusetts, is always giving me updates and we were talking recently about the exciting new ideas permeating the club.

“So I’m very proud to serve an Official Ambassador for Berwick Rangers and help spread the word about a great club that’s unique geographically and culturally.”