Play On Shielfield Park With Former ‘Ger Martin Neil

Limited places are still available for the Berwick Rangers Fan Match taking place on Shielfield Park a week today (Sunday 8th May).

And those playing are now likely to enjoy playing alongside a former ‘Ger, with former midfielder Martin Neil making a bid to return to the Shielfield changers in the heart of the Eric Tait’s midfield.

The minimum bid for a 90 minute place is £10, whilst there are no minimum bids on 60/30 minute positions – you will be notified whenever you are outbid in your position. With three positions (Left back – home, right back – home & left midfielder – home) all still available for 90 mins, you could still bag yourself a bargain!

To bid, simply email or 07944 298361 with your name, position & bid amount. You will then receive a reply to confirm your bid. The highest bid will win in each position. Bids must be submitted by a deadline of Wednesday 4th May at 11:59pm.

The home side on the day will be managed by club legend Eric Tait, whilst club captain Jonny Fairbairn will take charge of the away side. A full social media operation will be active on the day, whilst players will also receive a DVD of the full match. After the full-time whistle is blown the Sponsor’s Lounge will be opened up to players to enjoy a drink and complimentary post-match buffet.

Places can still be guaranteed for the match by bidding £30 for 30 mins, £50 for 60 mins or £70 for 90 mins. Otherwise, to bid, please check the availability in your position below and follow the highlighted instructions above. Good luck!

Home – Managed by Eric Tait:

GK: Malcolm Miller – £35 for 90 Mins.

RB: Andrew McShane – £15 for 90 Mins.

LB: Cameron Tait – £10 for 90 Mins

CB: Derek Scambler (60 Mins), Graham Bell (30 Mins).

CB: BID – Allan Baillie – £15 for 90 Mins.

RM: BID – Robert Haggerstone – £10 for 60 mins, available for 30 mins.

LM: BID – Rodney Morrision – £10 for 90 Mins.

CM: BID – Martin Neil – £15 for 60 Mins, available for 30 mins.

CM: Liam Straughan (90 Mins)

ST: Kevin Wright (90 Mins)

ST: Ian Watson (90 Mins)

Away – Managed by Jonny Fairbairn:

GK: BID – Martin Hush – £10 for 60 Mins. Gary Bell (30 Mins)

RB: Dale Jones (60 Mins), Ronan Atkinson (30 Mins).

LB: Josh Hill (90 Mins).

CB: BID – Brian Parkin – £30 for 90 Mins.

CB: BID – Josh Turnbull – £40 for 90 Mins.

RM: BID – Alex Bolton – £20 for 90 Mins.

LM: BID – Martin Inglis – £20 for 90 Mins.

CM: Ronan Atkinson (60 Mins). BID – Craig Blackhall – £15 for 30 Mins.

CM: Daniel Rutherford (60 Mins), Mark Johnson (30 Mins)

ST: Jordan Carmichael (60 Mins), Tom Maxwell (30 Mins)

ST: BID David Moor – £20 for 90 Mins.