Club statement: Lowland League proposal

Berwick Rangers Football Club can this evening confirm that it has been contacted by the Lowland League with regards to a proposal that would adapt the format of the league by increasing its capacity from 16 to 19 participating clubs. This change would be designed to primarily to enable the participation of a third guest club.

A vote between the club’s Board of Directors has resulted in a majority decision to reject this proposal.

The club considers itself a forward-thinking entity that is open to new ideas in the pursuit of progression. It is undoubtedly in our best interests to consider what is best for Scottish football. In doing so the club can directly benefit from increased opportunity, while still contributing to the wider footballing landscape.

At a recent meeting between its member clubs, Berwick Rangers voted for increased relegation from the Lowland League – a vote that we believe demonstrates our commitment to enabling fairer competition, bettering sporting integrity and highlighting our desire to be part of a system that leads by example. This motion was ultimately rejected due to a failure to reach a majority amongst the league’s clubs.

During this meeting, the club also abstained from a vote with regards to the continued involvement of the league’s current guest clubs. In 2021, Berwick were one of the clubs who voted to trial guest club participation in the Lowland League.

In voting for the inclusion of guest clubs in 2021, the club supported a trial endeavour that would help ourselves, fellow clubs and Scottish football to better understand the potential benefits of experimentation.

As we reach what feels like a crossroads – and continue to be presented with options on new developments, Berwick Rangers would like to strongly urge its fellow clubs to consider what they see as the best outcome for the game; which decisions lead to fairer competition, which create more sporting integrity, which bolster opportunity and which create a system that leads by example.