Wanted: Match Reporter

Berwick Rangers are still looking to recruit a volunteer (or volunteers) to help with match reporting for the upcoming 2016/2017 campaign.

To apply for a role, please send in an email to brfcsocialmediacomms@gmail.com.

The club are willing to hire multiple reporters to cover as many games as possible

The club are willing to hire multiple reporters to cover as many games as possible

The club are heavily reliant on volunteers to help operations run smoothly as possible, and while the club can’t offer payment, free admission will be granted to our volunteers as a token of the club’s gratitude.

Please remember that you can also help the club even if you cannot fulfil one of the duties listed below by sharing this news item with your friends and those you think may be interested via social media.

Match Reporter:

Berwick Rangers have been fortunate enough to receive match reports courtesy of Berwick Rangers Supporters Trust for the past couple of seasons, however due to deteriorating eyesight of our chief reporter, the club are now hoping to find a new match reporter.

The ideal candidate would be present at all home and away games. The club does understand that this isn’t always possible, and would be willing to hire a home only match reporter should we find the right person, or numerous volunteers to try ensure we can cover as many games as possible.

Match reports will be used on the club’s official website following matches as well as in our matchday programme, and may be used elsewhere (with your permission).

The club have just added two official photographers and revamped our BRFC TV platform, and as such hope to provide better match coverage than ever before in the upcoming season.

Should the club be unable to find a match reporter for the new season, no match reports will be offered from the official website during the new campaign.