‘The Borderer’ wins Ladbrokes League 2 Programme of the Year

Berwick Rangers match programme ‘The Borderer’ has been named Ladbrokes League 2 Programme of the Year for the 2015/16 campaign by the Independent View (Football Programme Magazine) Competition.

Tomorrow's Clyde match programme features a tri-colour as mark of respect.

Tomorrow’s Clyde match programme features a tri-colour as mark of respect.

Independent View Editor Neil Patterson told us: “The Borderer has been close to winning this category in recent years so it is no surprise that it has finally clinched it this season.

“The work that goes on behind the scenes on every football programme is quite intense. From the large magazine-like programmes in the Premiership down to the basic publications printed on the editor’s home PC, every programme deserves an award of some kind.

“Where The Borderer stood out is in maintaining its excellent content, coupled with a high quality of printing and concise features written by a loyal band of unsung heroes whose work is a vital cog in its machinery.

“To consistently produce a programme of such quality is worthy of the highest praise. Editor Dennis McCleary has cleverly pieced together the scripts of his writers and fitted them within a limited page structure with great effect.

“Rarely are programme editor’s and contributors praised for their hard work and dedication – usually the feedback they receive is because of a letter missing here and there, or a spelling error that an eagle-eyed supporter has spotted while devouring their half-time pie.

“The Ladbrokes League 2 category is a tough one to win. There are a number of excellent programmes in this division and it was a difficult task for our panel of six judges to separate one from the other.

“It was indeed a close run affair with the likes of Clyde and Elgin City being right in the mix as the votes were calculated. But it was the unanimous decision of the panel that The Borderer scooped the top prize in this category.”

This is of course fantastic news for everyone who works on the programme. The announcement was made just as this week’s issue was going to print, therefore a quick change to the usual (and extended) copy deadline made for a close shave to include the feature in this weekend’s Clyde programme.

Aberdeen were the overall winnders of the 2014/15 Independent View Scottish Programme of the Year competition. Dundee United were runners-up with Celtic completing the top three slots.

In the Championship it was the Rangers programme that took the top prize. In League 1 Dunfermline Athletic retained the title they won last season with another cracking effort this time around.

In concluding, Neil told us: “Overall the improvement in Scottish programmes this season is encouraging. While there remain doubts as to how many clubs will bite the bullet next season and cease producing them on a match to match basis remains to be seen, it is good to report that some clubs are bucking the trend.”