Statement from Berwick Rangers Supporters Club

Berwick Rangers has been hit hard by the consequences of relegation from the Scottish Professional Football League and, as a result, there are understandable concerns among committee members – as well as the wider fanbase – about the club’s long-term future.

In light of this, and as a major shareholder in the football club, our committee have decided to invite interested parties to contact us with ideas about how best to take the club forward. It was agreed unanimously at our committee meeting on Wednesday night (October 2) that one idea we would be open to would be selling our shareholding in the Football Club. The aim of this would be to give any interested party a stake in the club and hopefully attract some much-needed investment and new ambition for Berwick Rangers.

We believe that, despite the club’s current status in the Lowland League, Berwick Rangers Football Club remains an incredibly attractive proposition for a prospective investor(s). As the only English team to have played in the Scottish professional leagues, the club has an interesting and unique selling point. From causing one of the greatest ever cup shocks against Rangers in 1967 to the successful promotion winning teams of Dave Smith, Paul Smith and John Coughlin, the club has a proud history. There’s no reason why we cannot have a bright future.

Some important pieces of criteria we would need to see from any potential investor(s) in order to seriously consider the offer are as follows:

1) To help financially secure the long-term future of the Football Club;

2) To display a willingness to put together a Youth Development plan in place at the club to ensure that playing for Berwick Rangers FC is something young footballers in the area can aspire to;

3) To help reconnect the Football Club with the local community.

We have contacted the Football Club to make the Board of Directors aware of our decision. All offers and ideas will be subject to scrutiny and due diligence to ensure anyone interested are acting in the best interests of the long-term future of the Football Club.

Any interested parties should contact Secretary Brian Parkin via email: