Stadium Naming Partnership

Berwick Rangers are thrilled to announce a new partnership with MKM Berwick, leading to the renaming of their home ground as MKM @ Shielfield Park.

Stadium Naming Rights: MKM @ Shielfield Park

In a move that reflects MKM’s commitment to the local community, the stadium will now be known as MKM @ Shielfield Park. This renaming underscores the strong ties between MKM Berwick and Berwick Rangers, highlighting their joint effort to support and enhance local sports.

Two-Year Deal Raising Important Funds for the Club

The partnership is established as a two-year deal, which will provide crucial financial support to Berwick Rangers. These funds will play an essential role in the club’s ongoing operations and development, ensuring that it can continue to serve its supporters and the wider community effectively.

David Smith, MKM Branch Director, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “MKM Berwick are absolutely delighted to have partnered with Berwick Rangers to rename the stadium MKM Shielfield Park. We are a local company and love to get involved with the local community, of which Berwick Rangers is a large part. To be part of the club’s journey is something I am passionate about, having been involved in local football for a number of years. I hope this is the start of a long partnership which will benefit a huge part of the local community.”

For Other Opportunities, Please Contact the Club

Berwick Rangers are always looking for new opportunities to partner with local businesses and community members. For those interested in exploring similar opportunities, please contact the club directly for more information.


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