Thank you for setting up your Direct Debit.

You are now set to make your first payment on the final working day of this month, at which point you will officially become part of the exclusive community of ‘Gers fans that is Club 1881!

In the next 30 minutes, you should receive an email (via the email address you signed up with) from GoCardless. The email will confirm your Direct Debit has been set up. Those who don’t receive the email should check their spam folder before contacting the club about any issues.

The club wishes to thank you for your support. In becoming a Club 1881 member, you not only help the club to transform its cash flow over the course of a year, but truly help safeguard and build the future of your football club.

The club hopes that your time as a Club 1881 member will repay your support and loyalty.


New member FAQs

I have a query, how can I contact the club to find an answer?

Please email with your enquiry.

Please allow for 30 minutes to pass for the email for GoCardless to arrive and check your spam folder before contacting the club with any enquiries about whether your Direct Debit has been successfully set up.

When will money be taken from my account?

The monthly subscription fee of £18.81 per month will be taken on the final working day of each month.

When can I start enjoying the benefits of Club 1881?

With the details you have submitted, you’ll be added to the club’s exclusive Club 1881 mailing list. This is updated regularly – and will also always be updated immediately following the monthly ‘payment day’ to ensure the list remains accurate and up to date.

Your inbox is where you’ll find most of the benefits associated with being a Club 1881 member, whether its monthly newsletters, links to exclusive content like Let It BRFC episodes, invitations to quarterly meetings with the management team or otherwise.

Club officials will now work to assign you a membership number and send your Club 1881 membership card to you. Please note that you will be unable to gain free admission to Lowland League matches via membership until the first payment is completed.

(PLEASE NOTE: this will be sent to the billing address provided during the signup process. Should you require it to be sent to a different address, or wish to pick it up directly from the club on a matchday, please contact immediately).

When will my membership card arrive?

The club will strive to get your membership card to you via post within a week of your first complete payment.

If you would prefer to pick your card up from the club on a matchday or would like the card delivered to an address different to the billing address provided to GoCardless, please email ASAP.

What if I forget my card ahead of a game?

Although we ask Club 1881 members to always show their card at the gate, we do understand that accidents happen.

Turnstile operators will be equipped with an up to date list of active members on the gate of each Lowland League home game, so as long as you can remember your membership number and can match it with a form of ID, we’ll make sure you still get in!

What if my payment bounces?

Any payments that remain incomplete after each month will be noted in the document provided to our Club 1881 turnstile operator on a match day, who will use the list of active membership numbers for checking membership card numbers on admission.

If your payment is incomplete, you will unfortunately be unable to enter the ground. Additionally, the club reserves the right to keep your membership card until the time the payment situation has been resolved or it has clarity on whether you would like to cancel your Club 1881 membership.

Does my Club 1881 membership card allow access to home cup games and friendlies?

Unless explicitly stipulated by the club prior to a tie, unfortunately free entry via Club 1881 membership is only applicable for home Lowland League matches.

Does my Club 1881 membership replace season tickets?

In a word, no. Match admission to home Lowland League matches is a benefit of being part of Club 1881 – not a replacement for season tickets. Accordingly, these will still be available from the club.

How do I my cancel membership?

Those wishing to cancel their membership at any times should contact the club to first inform them of the end of their membership before cancelling their Direct Debit. Please note that you will also be asked to return your membership card to the club via mail or by passing it into the club’s main office on a match day.

How can I offer feedback about Club 1881?

The club would love to hear your ideas about how it can make Club 1881 an even more attractive proposition to supporters. To send feedback and suggestions on our offering, email