Ross Drummond: ‘Jefferies was spot on!’

To celebrate the release of our new official website we caught up with new signing Ross Drummond and sat down for a Q&A session with the young left-sider.

Here is what our recent acquisition had to say!

Q1: How tough was it for you to leave Dunfermline after spending 11 years there and what was it about Berwick and your two loan spells at the club that convinced you to sign permanently?

A1: It was quite tough leaving Dunfermline but it was more strange than anything. Nearly all my footballing memories so far are with Dunfermline but in the end it was quite an easy decision to sign permanently for Berwick. I’ve enjoyed my two loan spells at the club greatly and already felt part of the team before I signed.

Ross runs a ring around the boss in pre-season action

Ross runs a ring around the boss in pre-season action

Q2: Your former manager at Dunfermline, Jim Jefferies, has close links with Berwick after his spell as manager from 1988-90. Did he play a part in your first loan move and if so, what did he have to say about the club? Also, did any current or ex-Berwick players speak to you about joining?

A2: Jim Jefferies had only positives things to say about the club which made my first loan decision so easy. During my first loan spell, I travelled to training and games with Josh Morris and Mikey Dunlop and again they only had positive things to say about the club so that helped a lot too.

Q3: Before the Montrose match, you were part of a back four which had kept three consecutive clean sheets. Is that a feat you take great pride in? And is it a case of going back to square one after results like Saturday’s?

A3: Yeah, I think every defender in football takes pride in keeping a clean sheet in a game so to get three in a row was great. After results like Saturday’s, I don’t think it’s so much a case of going back to square one but we definitely can’t be conceding three goals in a game, especially at home.

Q4: How do you assess the season so far? Do you think the team have underperformed and what are your hopes for the remainder of the campaign?

A4: It’s been very much a case of ups and downs so far.  We just need to find that consistency in our games and go on a run, especially at this time in the season.

Q5: The upcoming Scottish Cup tie against Spartans is a game which is creating a real buzz among fans. Have you and the rest of the team given much thought about the match or is it a case of taking one game at a time?

A5: Personally, I like to look at it as one game at a time but I’m well aware of the Scottish cup tie that’s coming up against Spartans and the magnitude of what it could mean for the club.

Q6: How far do you have to travel for training (compared with when you were at Dunfermline) and is the travelling something you’ve had to get used to in your time at the club?

A6: When I was at Dunfermline, it only took me 20 minutes to get to training whereas now I am travelling for more than an hour depending on the traffic on the Edinburgh city bypass so it’s definitely something which has taken some getting used to.

Ross battling for possession with East Stirlingshire's Jordan Tapping

Ross battling for possession with East Stirlingshire’s Jordan Tapping

Q7: What is your greatest footballing achievement in your relatively short career so far?

A7: Playing in the Scottish Youth Cup Final at Hampden. (Ross was part of a Dunfermline side which were beaten 3-1 by Celtic in 2013).

Q8: Is there are current player you particularly admire and try to base your game on? Who was your footballing hero growing up?

A8: I liked Roberto Carlos growing up as he was also a left-back while I also loved watching Gareth Bale when he was in the latter stages of his career at Spurs before he moved to Real Madrid.

Q9: Outside of football, what are your interests? Other sports? Hobbies?

A9: I was a keen swimmer growing up and ultimately when it came down to it I had to choose between swimming and football. I still like to do my bit in the pool every so often though.

Q10: What are your short-term and long-term goals as a player?

A10: In the short-term, it would definitely be to finish as high up in the league as possible with Berwick and get promoted. To go back to playing full-time football one day would be great but for now my only focus is to do my best for Berwick.

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