Pound Per Point is an innovative and fun fundraising campaign launched by Berwick Rangers for the 2018/19 season.

How does it work?

Pound Per Point asks supporters to pledge £1 for every point the team earns during the 2018/19 SPFL League Two season. Put simply, supporters will be donating £3 for every game the club wins, £1 for every draw and nothing if the team loses.

The club will collect donations quarterly, in early November, early February and early May. We hope this will roughly break down into three sets of 12 games, however this is dependent on the fixture lists, postponements and other factors.

Based on 2017/18, below is an example of how Pound per Point works. During 2017/18, the club earned 37 points. This equals a donation of £37 across the season. As the donation is split into three, the breakdown would have been as follows:

November: £15 donation
February: £9 donation
May: £13 donation

How do I pledge?

Supporters can pledge their support the Pound Per Point campaign via an online signup form here.

Again, offline signup forms will be made available in the club shop, Bar 1881 and at the Sporran gift shop in the town centre for supporters without Internet access.

How can I make my donation?

The club will add an item to the club shop each quarter, called ‘Pound Per Point donation’, which will be priced at the value of the points collected over the previous three months. The club will share this store item via social media and email, asking supporters who have pledged to donate via this method.

Offline donations will also be available for those who prefer to pay in this way, or those who do not have access to the Internet. Payment will be possible via cheque or in the club shop.

Who can pledge to the fundraiser?

Berwick Rangers welcomes anyone who wishes to pledge to the Pound per Point campaign, be it as an individual or a business. The club asks that anyone under 16 who wishes to pledge to the pound per point campaign does so through a parent, guardian or responsible adult.

How will my donation support the club?

Any donations made through the Pound per Point campaign will be used by the club to improve the playing budget.