Old Shielfield Improvements

Old Shielfield Tweedmouth Rangers

Dugouts and advertising boards have been installed on the Trading Estate side of Old Shielfield

In 2014, Shielfield Park leaseholders Berwick Rangers Supporters’ Club agreed a deal with local side Tweedmouth Rangers which saw them take on the running of Old Shielfield.

At the time, the park was little more than a football field, but since then Tweedmouth Rangers have put a phenomenal amount of effort into making the pitch their home.

Additions have included a full line of sponsorship boards up one side of the pitch and behind a goal, with plans to add more, as well as the building and installation of dugouts for coaches and substitutes.

Club groundsman Ross Aitchison, also a player for Tweedmouth Rangers, has also put in great effort to bring the pitch up to a higher standard and ensure it is suitable for both North Northumberland League football and the regular training camps and coaching sessions provided by Berwick Rangers Commmunity Foundation coach Matty Moor.

And Berwick Rangers are delighted to hear that the other Rangers will be recycling an old toilet block facility in order to create a changing area for visiting teams.

It is hoped that the facility will help Tweemouth to meet the requirements needed to move up a league, the club currently sat 2nd in the North Northumberland League Division One.

The club would like to congratulate Tweedmouth Rangers on their success so far and look forward to their continued contributions in helping to improve Shielfield Park!

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