Michael McKenna issues an apology to fans

Berwick Rangers midfielder Michael McKenna has contacted the club’s official site with a statement to fans following his third red card of the season on Saturday afternoon.

Michael McKenna

McKenna received his 3rd red card of the season on Saturday.

“I’d like to place on record my apologies to the fans, my teammates and the staff of Berwick Rangers with regards to my dismissal on Saturday.

“I know I’ve let them down by receiving three red cards in such a short space of time. Prior to this run I’d never been sent off in my life, so it’s not in my usual character.

“But I know I have done wrong. It’s not fair to keep putting the team under pressure by getting myself sent off.

“In honesty, I have a high level of competitiveness. I want the best for the club and I’ve let that get the better of me.

“I think that maybe makes things a little harder for me to control. But I know that in future I have to change my approach.

“I understand decisions will go against us and I accept that. I need to learn from this. I know I need to start letting somebody else do the talking from now on.

“What has happened is obviously disappointing but it has happened, and I need to try both to work on it and learn from it.

“In future I’ll be trying to take a few seconds out and let other guys like Jonny (Fairbairn) deal with it. He’s the captain and a little calmer than me so I’ll try use that to my advantage.”