‘Gers launch 1881 Fund

Following on from the club’s presentation to supporters and locals earlier this week, the club are delighted to announce the launch of the 1881 Fund.

It is hoped that by launching the fund, the club can raise additional funds to dedicate to next season’s playing budget – and accelerate Berwick Rangers towards a brighter future as a community club.

If successful, the fund might also empower the club’s board with the financial flexibility to redirect its own revenue into focusing on improvements in areas such as community, facilities and commercial activity as outlined in Tuesday evening’s presentation.

In turn, it is hoped that the club will be able to raise further revenue, becoming more sustainable and putting us in a healthier position by the start of the following campaign.

The 1881 Fund is just one of a number of fresh incentives the club will push between now and next season. Numerous possibilities around both how fans, the community and businesses can support the club – and how the club can reciprocate these valued contributions – are currently being explored and will be detailed in full over the coming months.

Why contribute?

Founded in 1881, Berwick Rangers retain the history of being the only English club to have played in the Scottish senior league system. The club’s 1-0 victory over the mighty Glasgow Rangers back in 1967 remains both our greatest achievement and arguably the biggest ever Scottish Cup shock.

Much like many clubs today, we are now in need of change. We need to establish a purpose that concentrates on serving our community, welcomes all, delivers a genuine social impact and makes Shielfield Park a sporting hub for Berwick-upon-Tweed and the surrounding areas.

With a new board in place, we believe we can make that transition – but to start the journey we need to kickstart things. Sustaining Berwick Rangers as at least a Lowland League club is of pivotal importance to any longer-term plans to deliver for the community.

No matter the amount, your contribution will help drive us towards not only a better Berwick Rangers on the park, but a better Berwick Rangers off it, too. A contribution to the 1881 fund is not just a contribution to the squad, but to a better long-term future for Berwick-upon-Tweed and accelerating us towards that.

Whatever your association with the club is, your support will be valued. Please contribute generously – and make sure to spread the word via social media and word of mouth, too!

Contribute to the 1881 Fund.

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