From Chairman Elect, Len Eyre

After eight years as a Director it was a proud moment for me, when I was appointed Berwick Rangers Football Club Chairman (Elect) on Saturday 30th January and I will be taking over the role from Brian Porteous at the end of the season in May. Brian will be a hard act to follow. In his tenure as Chairman, Berwick Rangers have wiped out a massive debt and now have a very healthy bank balance. Unfortunately, the club has not had similar success on the football pitch in recent seasons.

I am a retired local businessman who ran a very successful business for 30 years in the town. I can see that being a huge asset in the day to day operation of the Football Club.

Being Chairman of Berwick Rangers is something I am really looking forward to. I am up for the challenge and I believe we have the right Manager in John Coughlin. I am sure John will secure our League position in the coming weeks. It would be an absolute disaster if that was not achieved, after all the hard work that has been put in over the past few years. I understand the passion the supporters have for the Football Club, so I see myself as the figurehead that they can engage with.

I see the role of Chairman, apart from obviously chairing Board meetings, to carry out all the work involved from decisions of the Directors, help with the day to day administration and the commercial activities of the Football Club etc.

The Club has to engage more with the football community and to that end I would like to chair meetings between Supporters Trust and Supporters Club committees to bring their ideas together and move forward together as one unit.

I see the roles of the Supporters Club and the Supporters Trust as crucial to the operation of Berwick Rangers. The Supporters Club has donated in excess of £35,000 and the Supporters Trust £5,000 this past year, which is very important to the survival of Berwick Rangers.

On the way forward to establishing us as a Community caring club I will be putting forward to the Board ideas to see if it would be possible to install a 3G playing surface and facilities on Old Shielfield.

This facility could be used by other clubs (in particular football) and organisations from around the area. This will give Berwick Rangers an extra revenue stream which is always welcome and vital.

At the end of the day my message to the supporters is come along and support us and I am sure John Coughlin and his team will turn the situation around on the park.

I look forward to being your Chairman.

Best Wishes, Len Eyre.