Extra Option For Kit Sponsorship

The SPFL has today announced that all 42 member clubs can use a new area of their team kits for sponsorship purposes from the beginning of 2016/17.SPFL

A working group looking at player kit sponsorship regulations recommended changes to this area and the SPFL Board has duly approved the new kit sponsorship regulations, which will come into effect for the beginning of Season 2016/17.

The new regulations will allow a new, additional area for sponsorship on the backs of players’ jerseys, immediately below the numbers, of 100 square centimetres.

This means that all SPFL clubs will be able to ‘sell’ three spaces on their kits, taking effect from next season – the traditional front and centre of the team kit, as well as above the squad or team numbers on the back and now below the numbers on the reverse as well.

Neil Doncaster, SPFL Chief Executive, said: “We are pleased to announce this additional opportunity for member clubs to sell another space on player kits to current or prospective sponsors.

“The SPFL Board would like to thank all those club representatives who participated in the working group which is behind this positive change.”

All sponsorship enquiries should be directed to the club’s Commercial Director Conrad Turner, who can be contacted on either 01289 307969 or 07790 676185.