Coughlin: I’d Love To Keep McGregor Around

Jordan McGregor and John Coughlin

McGregor netted a brilliant goal on Saturday, his second in senior football

Berwick manager John Coughlin admitted that he’d love to keep Jordan McGregor at Shielfield following his release from Hibernian at the weekend, but has acknowledged that it’s unlikely he’ll be plying his trade in Black and Gold next season.

“Jordan was released from Hibernian on Friday night, and that left me with a decision to make. I needed to ensure he was mentally sound for the match.

“I wanted to make sure he was ready to go out there and put in a good perfomance with him, I had a chat with him on Friday night, had a chat with him pre-match, and I never doubted his character for a minute.

“I’m delighted for him and how he’s reacted. He’s keeping a great player out of the side as Robert Wilson has been doing really well for us.”

Coughlin continued to register his appreciation of McGregor’s character, adding: “You can see by the celebrations of his goal that he’s a popular character. Word gets round pretty quickly when these things happen. If I had any doubt at all I’d have taken him out of the equation.

“But he wants to play, and he wants to do good things for the team. He’s a top guy and I wish him all the best for his future.

“I’d love it to be here – let’s get that right, but I think it’d be a bad situation to put any of that kind of pressure on him just now. What he does know is that we’ll treat him with respect, and if he wants to come and play at this club I’ll be the first to make that happen.”

A classy centre-half, McGregor showed his technical prowess with numerous forward runs on Saturday and linked up with former Hibs teammate Callum Crane for the game’s best goal, which can be seen with special mystery BRFC TV commentary here.

“But I think he’ll explore his avenues. He’s come out of full-time football, and the norm for young guys like that is to try stay full-time, and I’m sure there’ll be interest – he’s too good a player not to be playing. But we’ll always be there for him.”

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