Club Lotteries – 20th August 2016

Black & Gold Bond Scheme:

The winners of the Black & Gold Bond Scheme for the 13th August (Annan Athletic at home) are as follows:

£200 winner: Gary Freebairn, Spittal (Number 69).

£50 winner: Alan Montgomery, Scremerston (Number 65).

Joining the Black & Gold Bond Scheme is simple and costs just £5 per home matchday, or £7.50 per month when paid through your bank. Alternatively, an 18-match subscription can be purchased from our online store here.

To join, simply call Conrad on 07790 676 185, or email or A list of currently available numbers can be found on our site here.

Club Lotteries

Fans can now join our club lotteries by purchasing subscription on our online store.

Weekly Scheme:

This week’s highest combined score was 11 goals. One winner receives £350.00 whilst her agent also receives a £35.00 fee.


10-14-20          D. Robinson, Spittal (Agent: G. Douglas)

Teams: Blackburn Rovers, Nottingham Forest & Heart of Midlothian.

There was no winner of the Snowball Jackpot however, which is won by all three teams netting exactly four goals.

Weekly scheme places cost just £1 per week. A 52-week package is now available on the club’s online store. Simply purchase and await for the club to contact you with your code. For more information on the weekly scheme, click here.

The Weekly Scheme is a Berwick Rangers Supporters’ Club initiative. Membership costs just £5. For information on how to join the organisation, click here.