Chairman thanks snow helpers

Chairman Len Eyre has issued the following statement after supporters worked for all day and night yesterday to try and make the pitch playable this afternoon:

“First of all a big thank you to Ross, Arthur and Alex the ground staff who worked non-stop all day and night up until 10pm. I would also like to thank everyone who turned up last night to clear the pitch including three women and a six-year-old supporter. At 10pm with temperatures dropping the helpers were knackered and had to stop.

“Unfortunately the weather was against us due to minus temperatures during the night. It was a tremendous effort by those who turned up last night showing the community spirit to get the came on.”

A group of volunteers arrived at 10am yesterday morning and began trying to clear the pitch however efforts were limited by large chunks of solid ice. By lunchtime the temperatures had risen and with the help of the Berwick Rangers Football Academy the pitch was half cleared by the 4pm pitch inspection.

Although the 4pm inspection failed, it was felt that if the rest of the pitch could be cleared the game would have a fighting chance. The club appealed for more volunteers and from 5:30-10pm helpers cleared the remainder of the pitch and covers were put down. Sadly the temperatures overnight stayed consistently below freezing and the game failed a second pitch inspection at 8:30 this morning.

Despite the postponement both management and the playing staff were also very thankful for the efforts of everyone involved with manager Robbie Horn sharing the following message: “I would like to thank all the volunteers and Ross the groundsman for their tireless efforts yesterday. Ross was in for 14 hours and up again this morning to prepare for his own game. It’s the spirit and togetherness the club need to continue to show to take us forward. The players and coaching staff greatly appreciate everyone’s efforts.”

News regarding the date for the rearranged fixture will be shared when available.


The pitch at 10am was covered in snow and ice

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