BRFC TV: Club Legend Eric Tait Interviews John Coughlin Post-Montrose

Manager John Coughlin spoke to club legend Eric Tait for BRFC TV for the first time ever yesterday as part of the club’s ongoing committment to improving communications.

And it didn’t take long for the club’s leading scorer & appearance maker to get a scoop, as manager Coughlin revealed match-winner Blair Henderson was close to leaving the club recently.

Discussing the forward’s performance, Coughlin said: “He actually had a really good performance today. We’ve had a few discussions, he wasn’t playing and there was a chance Blair could be leaving this football club.

“But I think over the last four to five weeks, his contribution has been immense. I’m delighted with that, because we don’t have a lot of strikers to choose from, and Blair’s working his socks off for the team.

“His hold-up play today was good and he’s got the reward for his hard work. I’ve been his fiercest critic but I’ll be the first to tell him he’s done. He’s doing as much as he can at the minute and obviously he’s chipping in with goals, so as long as that continues, I’ll be happy with that!”

Coughlin also discusses the game itself, Sandy Cunningham’s first start for the club, second-half nerves, substitutions, our current league standing and our upcoming fixtures amongst other topics.

The club hope fans enjoy the first installment of the new and improved BRFC TV – be sure to leave your feedback on our Facebook page or by Tweeting us!