BRFC Supporters Club

As lease holders of the stadium we sub-let to the football club and Berwick Bandits Speedway. We are responsible for having the correct agreements in place and making sure those agreements are adhered to! The maintenance and upkeep for the stadium is our responsibility. The Supporters’ Club are the majority shareholders of Berwick Rangers Football Club and as such play an important role in the day-to-day running of the football club. We organise and run the Weekly Scheme and the half-time draw on match days.

During the 2013-2014 season alone, we gave over forty-two thousand pounds to Berwick Rangers Football Club through funds raised in the following ways:

    • The Weekly Scheme
    • Fundraising events (Including Race Nights & Meet the Manager events)
    • Membership fees
    • Stadium rental fees

We were also active in promoting and supporting football club run fundraising events such as Ladies Day, Champagne Breakfast, Travel Package Deals to away games and Sponsor Attraction Schemes.

We made considerable contributions towards the new toilet block at the Ducket area, new water system, Verty drain machine repairs, sills/guttering/roof repairs of main building, stand and ducket, signage outside main building (new logo and lettering) and turnstiles. An order was also placed to purchase another 160 seats in order to complete the Seat Replacement Project – completed in Summer 2014.

We are also indebted to many individuals and businesses who give their time, their equipment and their advice – from the loan of machinery to the builders, painters, joiners, plumbers and electricians who ensure Shielfield Park is fit for purpose, and the volunteers who turn up every week, to operate the turnstiles, sell the half-time tickets and steward the fans. All very important roles carried out by Supporters’ Club members and volunteers.

Our members’ opinions are always welcomed and considered – evidence of this is through the increase in our membership each year, the support we are shown at our fundraising events and the feedback we, and the football club, receive from letters and emails.

We also welcomed visitors from some of our Branches – the Borders, the Australian, the German, London and South East and Warminster Branch. Each branch has their own page on our website giving a brief introduction and their interest in Berwick Rangers. We welcome their support and are honoured that they chose us as their team to support.

The Board:

The supporters club is ran by a committee. Amongst those on the committee are:

Honorary President – John Hush:

John is the longest serving member of the Supporters’ Club and holds the position in that respect. John is also a director and an important link between board and committee. As the promoter of our half-time draw he has overall responsibility for its smooth running.

Chairman – Matty Moor:

Bill is the Supporters’ Club representative on the BRFC board of directors. Bill coordinates the corporate sponsorship and also the club shop and stock. He is also qualified to steward if required on match days.

Vice-Chairman – Martin Inglis:

Treasurer – Malcolm Reed:

Does exactly what it says on the tin!

Secretary – Brian Parkin:

Experienced in community engagement, communication & negotiation through his day job, Brian brings those skills to his position in the Supporters Club.  He helps to publicise & promote our achievements to the wider community, as well as developing new ideas to help increase our profile.

 The Committee Members:

Jimmy Nisbet: Assists in maintaining the pitch and stadium.

Alan Meins: Alan is a half- time draw ticket seller and helps out with pitch work when required.

Conrad Turner: As the commercial manager of the football club, Conrad looks after match day sponsors and runs the Weekly Scheme.

Neil Skelly: Neil is a half- time draw ticket seller.

Derek Purvis: Helps out with crowd safety as a steward.

Ross Aitchison As groundsman, Ross prepares the pitch and cleans up after the games.

Malcolm Miller: A local builder, Malcolm helps out with all aspects of ground improvement work.

Bill Parkin: Bill is a former Chairman of the Supporters’ Club and was previously also a representative on the BRFC board of directors. He is also qualified to steward if required on match days.

David Spence: David is a familiar face to all match day visitors at Shielfield as the main programme seller for many years at the club.

Arthur Herriott:

Arthur is a former part-time assistant groundsman and chairs the sub group for liaising with the speedway. Arthur sells and organises the half-time draw tickets and was until recently Vice-Chairman.