Berwick Rangers receives many e-mails each week from young players requesting trials or sending videos, etc.

We hope that providing a little information about the Club may help you to understand how the Club operates.

Berwick Rangers are a part-time Club, as more than half of all Scottish Clubs are. This means that most, if not all, players have employment outside football. We train two evenings each week, normally Tuesdays and Thursdays, at a venue south of Edinburgh. Players are expected to keep themselves fit by putting in their own training time during the week.

The Club are in Scottish League Two at present. The team bus leaves from Berwick for away games, picking up at Edinburgh. The furthest league fixture is at Elgin, the bus leaving Berwick at 6am.

We have also have a Development side playing in the SPFL Development League (East), and several players from this squad have made appearances in the first team. This is a young side, with most players being 17 to 19. No wages are paid to reserve players, but they are included in any bonuses when appearing for the first team.

Please consider how the Club operates before contacting us:

  • Most players have paid work outside football
  • We do not provide or arrange accommodation, or other employment
  • We do not pay travelling expenses in excess of our wages
  • We need players to be available for training in the evenings
  • We do not arrange visas, flights or train fares!

We do not hold trials during the season – if we hold any open trials, they’re normally in June and would be advertised on our website.

We would ask all players to read the above information carefully, and to mention in any e-mail that you have read this – that’s the first step.

If you think you have what it takes, please send us your CV to, which should include your address, your footballing career to date, and references from previous managers/coaches. Don’t forget to address the practical issues of accommodation, employment, and so on – we’re unlikely to offer someone a place at a training session if they would be unable to join us for other reasons.

Hope this helps – we don’t want you to waste your time, and as we’re staffed largely by volunteers, our time is precious too.

Best wishes,

John Bell

Director for Youth Development