Berwick Rangers Football club will not tolerate obscene, racist, sectarian, sexual, bigoted harassment or other discriminatory behaviour, whether physical or verbal, and will work to ensure that such behavious is met with appropriate action in whatever context it occurs. The club suggest fans to check our policies regularly for any adjustments.

Please download our policy documentation in PDF format.

If you require any more information on any of our policies please do not hesitate to call the club on 01289 307424 and we will happily discuss the matter further.

Unacceptable Conduct Policy

Abandoned & Postponed Games

Codes of Conduct

Supporters/Customer Charter

Anti-Discrimination Policy

Provision for Disabled Supporters: Equality Act 2010

Parents Code of Conduct

Child Protection Policy

Digital Media Policy

Ground Regulations Policy

Privacy Policy

Safeguarding Policy A and Safeguarding Policy B .

Safeguarding Concerns Recording Form